Sharper Landscape Lighting Expands to Include New Products and Services


Sharper Landscape Lighting is now doing business as Sharper Lighting Design (SLD), a change that reflects a new direction for the Jacksonville business started by Greg Sharp in 1996. In addition to landscape lighting, the company is offering new lighting and energy management products to residential, commercial and government customers.

The new product lines can help reduce our energy consumption both at home and at the office, and in turn save us money while decreasing our carbon footprint.

An evaluation of the lighting and energy usage in and around your home or office can help identify ways to reduce consumption and save money. If lowering your electric bill and conserving our natural resources are important to you, we can show you how easy it is to implement positive changes in your own environment.

With current economic conditions and the rising costs of energy, SLD can help you reduce your energy costs in several ways. Typically, the easiest and least expensive energy improvement in a home or business is lighting. Your best energy savings come when your lights are off, so why leave them on when they are not needed? Through lighting design and control, SLD can provide residential and commercial lighting systems that:

· consume less energy and produce less heat

· require less maintenance and replacement

· provide a better quality of light

With the use of new lamp technologies, occupancy sensors, dimmers and timing devices, SLD can help you manage energy consumption and reduce light pollution. Find out more by contacting SLD to schedule a free consultation.

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