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The goal for any exceptional students educational environment (school, therapy center) is to promote the development of children with Autism and other disabilities. Unfortunately, we may often overlook things as simple as the lighting in a room where children are taught.  The time and money spent developing curriculum for their special needs can all be undermined by the distractions caused by fluorescent lighting. 

Often, the visual and auditory hyper-sensitivities of a child or adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) causes them to perceive a “strobe” affect as a fluorescent light cycles and some can hear the humming of the ballasts in fluorescent fixtures.  Problem behaviors and other issues that may result from these irritating affects include:

· Increased agitation and stimming especially in ASD children or adults who are non-verbal or lack significant communication skills

· Interruption in the class schedule as high functioning individuals with ASD turn off lighting that is irritating them which, in turn, causes disruption, potentially incorrect disciplining and negative social attention

· Interference with concentration and learning, reading, testing, focus

· May also trigger an increase in seizure activity which affects many with ASD

A more natural environment without distractions can be created with the use of LED technology which has been utilized in various industries since the 1960’s. LED lights are being used to replace toxic, mercury-filled fluorescent lamps that are currently found in most buildings including schools, hospitals and homes.

providing the right environment can make all the difference in their world

Lighting for the Autism Environment

Raigan and Greg Sharp

Greg Sharp and Raigan, his daughter

with ASD in a natural environment.

A child that is distracted is a child who cannot focus. If your current lighting interferes with the environment of children with special needs, Sharper Lighting Design can help. Find out more by calling SLD at 904-545-4009 for a free consultation and evaluation.





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